Humans just killed off 12 animals and didn't even notice. Take away the animals we know and care for to show that all species deserve equal love. In hope of partnering with the Wildlife Conservation Society, this campaign aims to raise the awareness for endangered animals and prompt audiences to take action through donation.
An AR app to take care of virtual pets-the endangered species that have already died. Eventually, the pets will not survive. At the end, users will be prompted to donate to protect still-endgaered species by making an in-app purchase.
A funeral service held for the lost 12 animal species at museums/outdoor parks.
Imagine these twelve extinct species as our pet, then we'll probably be more concerned for their wellbeing. Every species deserves equal love.
The Last Huzzah Zoo. Takeover the public zoo for a day to exclusively feature endangered animals and remind people that they are only on display for limited amount of time because they are facing the threat of extinction. 

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