Human Rights Film Festival. Film is a reflection of humanity. Nowadays people have become so obsessed with the value of awards and public recognition that they have lost sight of the real people and true stories that are on the other side of the camera. The Syracuse University Human Rights Film Festival aims to celebrate humanity not film.
Caring and recognizing the suffering and hardships portrayed in films outweigh the importance of winning awards. These print ads will kick off the entire campaign prior to the festival.
Instead of incorporating the official award recognitions, each film will be recognized for documenting a violation of human rights. These individual posters will be released at the festival.
Display of a golden award statue at the main patio of the university. Restrained by barbed wires (an element appeared in the official film festival logo), the statue signifies how 'human' or 'humanity' is being suppressed by our blind pursuit for awards and public recognition. 
Instead of public voting for the best film, we will have the viewers vote for the most urgent crime against human rights that's been addressed in the films. The winner will receive the film committee's funding and will be open to public donation. 
These small tokens will carry out our message 'Rights matter. Awards don't' in a more accessible way. They will be distributed throughout the film festival, allowing people to embody the message in daily lives.

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