World-renowned for its extraordinary collection of impressionist art, the Art Institute of Chicago museum bears the responsibility to not only cultivate but also to inform its viewers on the historical context of its collection with modern means. For impressionism artwork, especially, the interpretation of the real world is very much skewed to a certain degree to express the unique emotion and perspective of the artist.
The project is dedicated to investigating the art works of Claude Monet by reconfiguring research (journals, correspondents, maps, and city plans) into structural blueprints. These renderings will help reconstruct the original 1900s landscapes within Monet's most iconic paintings, revealing untold truth about what was within the frame and what could have been beyond the frame. ​​​​​​​
La gare Saint-Lazare   Claude Monet (1877)
Impression, Sunrise   Claude Monet (1872)
Vétheuil   Claude Monet (1872)

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